About Me

Who am I?

AJ is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist as well as a Certified Performance Climbing Coach who currently lives and works in Bozeman, MT. With a comprehensive background in biomechanics, sports performance, and exercise physiology, he is able to provide individualized, comprehensive, and specific coaching for all levels of climbing athletes.

As a Wisconsin native who made his way to Flagstaff, AZ to pursue altitude training as a competitive runner, he soon shifted away from running to pursue the never-ending climbing opportunities in the southwest and around the country.

Living and climbing in the desert southwest allowed AJ to understand and experience what it means to have a year-round climbing season and learn the kinds of programming required to perform at a high level consistently. In contrast, Montana has provided a seasonal climbing trend and the distinct training months/seasons that can be programmed for planned road trips or extended periods of desired peak climbing performance during an athlete’s local “climbing season”.

AJ has been able to present locally, nationally, and internationally within the climbing profession and community speaking to a variety of topics regarding injury mitigation, coaching, and training. He is also a member of the Climb Strong Coaching Team where is able to work with and collaborate in all aspects coaching, training, and teaching with the community's top professionals.

AJ’s coaching philosophy is anchored in the pursuit of long term athletic and climbing development. Pursuing this through a foundation of strength and progressive skill development that harbors long term consistency. A consistency that is essential for improvement within training phases, season after season, and year after year. Striving to help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Contact for more information: aj@theclimbingproject.com