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What do athletes have to say?

B.S. -

“Credentials only get you so far. The same could be said for experience. But when you combine both of these and add a continual exploration into all things climbing (training, injury mitigation, tactics, etc) you get an individual who is a wealth of knowledge, primed to assist others. AJ is the person”

C.B. -

"After climbing multiple times per week for over 15 years with a constant state of plateau and little improvement, I decided to work with AJ as part of my "mid life crisis" last ditch effort to improve my climbing. By adding structured training, specific drills and objectives to my climbing, AJ was able to shatter the plateaus I was stuck in. I now find myself climbing way harder and much smarter in my 40s than I ever thought was possible in my 20s and 30s. AJ has instilled a new way of approaching climbing and life and now I have no doubts that my BEST climbing days are still ahead. My only regret is that I wish that I had met and trained with AJ when I was even younger. I would urge you to start working with AJ today and do not let another year slip by without realizing your potential."